The Happiness Equation

The Happiness Equation

the happiness equationWhat exactly is happiness? And more importantly: how do we get it? Is there a happiness equation that we can use to understand and control our happiness?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you are now in the right place, because the answer is yes. The happiness equation exists.

The truth is that happiness follows a very simple rule, and when you discover it, you will have your happiness completely in your hands.

What Is Happiness?

What we call happiness is just one aspect of the one force that moves the universe: love. Although we usually use two different words, love and happiness are two aspects of the same thing. They are the same force, but seen from two different points of view.

In a way, we could say that love is a force that goes from the inside to the outside, because when we love, our love comes from within and travels to the beloved object. On the other hand, happiness moves in the opposite direction, from outside to inside, because it’s the feeling that occurs inside us when we see or experience things that we like.

From our point of view, they seem two different things, because one goes out, and the other one goes in, but they are actually the same force moving in a circle.

What Is the Happiness Equation?

The key to wellness is seeing that love and happiness are the same force moving in opposite directions: when we express our love, it reflects in the object that we are loving and comes back to us as happiness. If we put this as an equation, it would be like this:

Happiness = Expressed Love

That is to say, the amount of happiness that we feel is exactly equal to the amount of love that we are expressing. Not a bit more; not a bit less. It is an exact formula that anyone can verify.

We can love a person, a profession, a landscape, ourselves or anything else. It makes no difference at all. When it comes to being happy, all that matters is to express our love. When we express our love, we are happy; when we don’t express it, we are unhappy. It’s that simple.

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